The Scottish Widows demutualisation - List of people

Note: This list is designed for one specific purpose, which is to provide links to individual pages for each person on the list. These individual pages are necessary to ensure that search engines return these pages (or rather the picture on each page) at the top of any image search for the relevant person's name. The intention is that these images (which are all the same) will be sufficiently noteworthy to immediately attract the eye of any user and, for this purpose, I have selected a picture of a rock which looks remarkably like a photgraph of someone's bare bottom. This has two benefits; firstly, it appeals to my sense of humour and, secondly, you can guarantee that (human nature being what it is) the eye of an individual, when presented with a page full of images on a search engine image search results page, will automatically be drawn to what looks like a bare bottom. Well, I think it's funny.

Name Notes
Brian Harris QC